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Sometimes life gets in the way of getting to the gym. MOM & DAD BOD WOD delivers effective, 12-minute workouts without sacrificing your busy schedule. Because Fitness.

12-Min / Day
Getting a great workout doesn't have to take a big chunk of time out of your day
Train the
Right Way
Have the confidence in quality, doctor-developed workouts, and know you're doing it right
Mom jeans aside, you don't want to be the old Mom or Dad at the party
Do You Struggle with Exercise?
  • Is getting to the gym harder than the workout itself?
  • Are you struggling to find time for exercise?
  • Did your last commitment flop?
  • Do you need guidance to make sure you’re doing it right?
  • Does fear of the Mom/Dad bod make you nervous?
  • Is it time to make a change?
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What You Get With MDBW
  • 30 doctor developed workouts organized in three specific phases
  • ​Convenient 12-min workouts you can fit in anytime, anywhere
  • Exercise names, elapsed time, remaining time, and bells/whistles as start/stop indicators
  • In-video verbal coaching, tips, tricks, and modifications
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Access to the Membership Site with everything you need to succeed
  • Exercise principles video to know you're doing it right
  • ​No annoying monthly subscription
  • ​Q&A with Dr. Burr on Facebook

About Dr. RJ Burr

Hey there, I’m Dr. RJ Burr. I’m not good at this talking about yourself stuff so I’ll keep it short and sweet. As you can see, I’m a family dude: above is my wife, Liz; and sons, Bennett and Charlie.

As you saw in the video at the top, I created MDBW as a time-efficient way to get a quality workout for busy parents and professionals, because, quite frankly, I had more important things to worry about than myself.
A quick recap of my background: my professional title is “Doctor of Chiropractic” but I’ve dedicated over 1000 hours of continuing education in the fields of human movement, fitness, rehabilitation, and biomechanics.
Right after I received my doctorate I coached fitness classes part-time to make some extra cash to make ends meet while building my practice. In general, most people tend to want to feel like they got a hard workout -- they don’t want that hour spent for nothing!

The problem is getting you tired and sore is not necessarily measures of a quality workout. I asked myself, “how can I give paying clients what they want while mixing in what they truly need?”

Five years ago is when I first began testing and critiquing the model of today’s Mom & Dad Bod WOD.
It took a little while for me realize the value of this program. I’m ecstatic to share MDBW with you, and I’m confident it will be as valuable to you as it was (and still is) for my family and me!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 
What’s a “WOD”?
WOD is an acronym for “Workout Of the Day” popularized by a well-known cross-training brand. WOD seemed to fit our brand because it rhymes with “bod” and rolls off the tongue well! And, of course, the program is one workout per day for thirty days.
What’s up with the retro theme?
I’m a 32-year-old parent and professional. I grew up as a kid in the 80’s & 90’s with memorable characters from movies, tv shows, and video games.
Because I came up with the name, “Mom & Dad Bod WOD” first, I figured I could make the program a little more fun and standout but naming the workouts after memorable 90’s mom & dad characters. I took it to the next level by decking it out in a 90s theme to the best of my ability.
I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did to create it!
How long is the program?
30 full-video workouts with timers, coaching cues, and music to make your workout-along experience top notch. We recommend five workouts per week starting off, but the beauty is you can double up the workout, do two different ones in one day, repeat a workout with small modifications to change the workout -- it’s completely customizable to your liking or you can keep it standard if you want to stay simple. 
What equipment do I need?
All you need is a weight (preferably two: light & heavy), a few resistance bands and a wall anchor to attach the bands! I provide links to purchase necessary items with options from the lowest cost to the highest quality. 
What commitment do I need to make?
12 minutes per day, five days per week -- that’s it! That’s not that hard, am I right!? That’s the beauty of the program.
You do have to commit to buying some equipment if you don't have any, but it’s only a couple items -- you won’t bat an eye!
What if I’ve never worked out before?
No problem! If anything, I commend you for your interest in taking the leap into fitness -- it’s not easy if it’s your first time!
You will love this program because I take you step-by-step through the fundamental movements and exercises of the program, so you’ll know how and if you’re “doing it right.”
What kind of results will I get?
What results do you want to get?

This is not a dedicated weight-loss, bodybuilding, or strength training program. The purpose of the program is to fit in a quality workout in a short period of time when life doesn’t allow otherwise. And the program is not meant to do once and forget it, it’s meant to be there whenever you need it whether it’s when you're short on time, traveling, as a supplement to your gym membership, whatever.
However, if you commit to the workouts and are on-point with nutrition, sleep, and stress management, there’s no doubt you’ll get fat loss and strength gains.

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